Thursday, 26 February 2015

Stumbling Upon Unseen Secrets- 2

Checking behind me frantically I shoved my body against the door. I even tried banging, hoping that my mother would wake up and open it. But to me, it felt like I was invisible. I felt helpless ... like horrible things have been set in motion and I was no force to change that. And then, something changed.

It took my a minute to realize it but when I did, I knew not to turn back. The dogs had stopped howling, the wild breeze was silent. It seemed as though everything here was on the side of the invisible force and I was on the other end. What was I fighting this unseen force with? A screwdriver. I was fumbling with the screwdriver to lever the door open and right now that was all I had. 

I drew a long breath and turned around hoping to see some ugly creature, a shadow figure, a dark entity. But nothing could've prepared me for what I actually saw. I saw myself.
It wasn't a mirror reflection, it wasn't an exact replica. Something was distinctively different, but it was me. I could sense an instant connection, some fragments of an old and forgotten past. While I was wondering why I couldn't see this version of myself before, she talked. My arm instantly extended to jab her with my screwdriver, but she dodged so swiftly that I had to blink to understand what had just happened. 

When she talked, it sounded more like a melody. Her voice, the tone, the choice of words, all flowed into a beautiful song. And because I understood it, it sounded even more beautiful. It had a unique harmony... almost like the ones the dogs were howling away every night. 'The dogs' I thought to myself. As if she heard me, she moved to make way for me as I walked to the railing. I looked below but the dogs I had seen earlier weren't there. I glanced back at her. I cocked my neck like bird and looked closer at her. Her eyes... they were brown like mine. But they reminded me of someone else. No, something else. Then it dawned. I struggled with myself to get a few words out to her. 

Swallowing hard and clutching my stomach that was caving in, I whispered. It cut through her melody with a flat, insensitive tone, but I was glad I had succeeded. 
'Are you a personification of the dogs?' 

Wait a bit to know what happens next.   

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