Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fire and Ice

She lay on the floor, motionless as he stared at her. His memory was washed with the painful look on her face and all that he could think was why he actually did what he did. The conjured images of an imagined God appeared before him, seeking out the soul that longed for comfort. He then realized that he only thought of his savior when sorrow drowned him…like now. He closed his eyes and imagined what he should do now, could do.
                He picked up the broken figure and leaned her against him. Her arms and legs dangled; even with the help of gravity, she couldn’t stand straight and still. He held her gently and slowly pushed back the strands of hair that covered her ears. Then he whispered into them, the wish that he wanted the most… For a split second he could feel nothing but the desperateness within him, then almost like a dream come true… she came back to life.
Shock and life sprang into him but something was absolutely wrong. She pushed him away and fled as if he was a predator and that action pained so badly that it triggered his anger.  He ran after her while she made circles around the stage. The atmosphere around him turned out to be a set and he was dancing with her, like he last did just before her heart got tire of beating. Her flowing blue dress caught in his open hand and his fingers clutched the material with rage. She shrieked ...but he ignored it and clasped her hair and brought her closer to him, forcefully. Then, with her wet tears that spilled over him, conscience crept into his eyes. He let her breathe and she made space between them. And in that clouded yellow light that fell on her, he saw both love and pain. Love for she just couldn't let him or her passion go and pain for his love turned into aggression far too soon. It reminded  him of his mistakes and how he always forced her, and wanted her so badly that he would even kill for her…
By now they were on the floor and she was curled up into him. Just knowing that she felt safe created a flicker in his emotions. The grip on her tightened and she pushed him and they both slid apart. Anger snapped once again and he repeated the same mistakes.Force, pain, power, lust and all the accompanying emotions hit him like a tidal wave and took control over him. He hardly remembered what he did then, when these cruel emotions possessed him.  
When he did come to his senses, she was away from him. Across the stage, arms hugging herself but this time her eyes spoke out to him. Where had he gone when she needed him. Would she dare him a second chance?
"Don’t walk away’ he thought as she froze at his thoughts. It seemed that a miracle occurred, one that would make it easier for him to explain his ruthless actions. For the first time, she could hear his mind. And she read it like an open book, all the twists he went through every hour. Now the decision was hers to make. ‘Don’t walk away’ he thought again. She spun around looked at him in the eye and ran toward him

 He held his arms open as he welcomed her. The warmth of her skin drew away the sins and left him glowing, pure and untouched by greed. He swept her off her feet in happiness and spun her around as the music flowing through him seemed to come to an end. He couldn't understand it as a hollow feeling engulfed him making him close his eyes. She seemed to turn invisible in his arms, and yes he couldn't feel the warmth anymore. When he opened them again, there she was lying on the floor motionless.  The miracle never occurred; she never came back to him because something happened before that. Consumed by her love, he was ready to kill anyone…including her. 


  1. Very well written! Love your word play here :)

  2. thank you! :) this narration goes hand in hand with the song from which i drew inspiration: Carnival of Rust by Poets of the Fall :)

  3. you have used the words to ur ease
    awesome again !!

  4. thank you!! :) can u give me challenges as well? i'd love developing versatility