Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Falling Angel

The moon shielded the mighty sun,
Darkness prevailed after the devil had won.
“Kill me…” pleaded a guardian angel,
“Send me down to where the mortals dwell”.

The few moments belonged to evil,
And Gabriel shrivelled in his captor’s hold,
Until the bloodshot eyes yearning to kill,    
Slid a mere nail into the angel’s heart of gold.  
Some said it was impossible, utter chaos, psych
But there was nothing more Gabriel wanted
Than from heavens above where his rightful place was,
To descend to the mortal he haunted.

He then fell from the devil’s grasp.
His heart charred, and he gasped.
Spiralling down with white wings drooping,
Gabriel smiled weakly for he a valiant angel was dropping.

His heartbeat dulled,
But he glimpsed at her, his mortal,
One whom he guarded well,
Whom he always invisibly held.

Now, for her he traded his soul,
With the devil during the eclipse,
And there he stood inches from her lips.
Finally to reunite, from his eyes tears did roll.

Yet…something was wrong, she didn’t pause.
“Gabriel?” she trembled looking above
He cried in rage consumed by her love
He was still invisible, that was all it was…

His tears fell as million diamonds over her face,
And she breathed “You’re still there”
His wings closed upon her, tenderly with care
“At least my tears have come to life if not me” Gabriel whispered with heavenly grace. 


  1. Yes really amazing.. On a similar note..only yours is very good.. :) keep up d great work and mantain this depth and keep visting.. :)

  2. thanks! yes will read your blog whenever i do get time!