Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mom- Personification of Love

Your hands, your face are,
Probably my first baby memories,
That I vaguely remember by far,
And they’re still the ones that bring me peace.
I waited to grow into your clothes,
Slept with them against my nose,
Watched you in awe with big black eyes,
Hoping to grow like you; loving and wise.

As seasons rolled into years,
Our lives intertwined and got rougher,
And I saw the way you hid away your tears,
All forsaking for me; all to make me stronger.

When decisions had to be made,
You preferred my say in it,
And that one choice bloomed into this decade,
Where you still keep your promise that we’d never split.

You and me, this is now my family,
It’s been so for years and I can clearly see,
You play all the roles there is for me to be,
Your daughter; young, wild, unique and carefree.

Knowing what a handful I was,
I can’t figure out how you raised me well,
Worthy of praises and applauses,
But now in my mind, the answer rings a bell.

You always say I’m your pillar of strength,
But mom, you’ve always been mine too,
I only strive for that extra length,
Only to see that proud smile; because you deserve to.

I can’t repay your sacrifices but I will make you proud,
Someday I will end this chase for my dream,
So that I can shout out aloud,
‘Mum! WE finally made it as a team!’
So here’s a toast to all,
The mother’s out there,
Whose love makes us stand tall,
Share the love, go on, show them that you care!


  1. awesome to say the least !
    The narration and may be the use of words to express the feelings and pictures of childhood is awesome.

  2. very, very nice.... loved it <3

  3. thank, A. Wish you read it our to all the mother's you know, make them feel a bit special :) thank you for your comment!

  4. That was cute and touching poetry :)
    Enjoyed reading it :)