Thursday, 5 July 2012

Pretentious Glory

She looked him up after years,
Knots were untied and new ones made,
Yet she couldn't see him through those tears,
As her unhealed scars refused to fade.

She shrugged and looked at herself next,
Saw her smile carved onto a face of rock,
Felt a lump in her throat, go down her neck
Shut the feelings and quickly cast a lock.

How long can a puppet pretend,
Growing fantasies all have an end,
Even if lies are made in paradise,
They still can climb out and rise.

And before the curtains close,
In a fickle moment of pretentious glory,
Why does the past come screeching in?
Come to ruin a perfectly sane scene?

The guilt seems written on my heart
My sides crack from its growing weight
As I breakdown part by part,
Time scrolls to the end the wait.

I don't want to see the obvious,
See what destruction I can bring
So what else can I do
Than end it before I see it, before my duties are due.


  1. aw :') lovely and emotional. Scars do fade, but with time.

  2. yup i guess you're right :)they have to!