Monday, 14 July 2014

The Night- 02

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“Here?” She said the word with such slack that clearly revealed how disappointed she was. I looked all around. This was one place not many got to see… it was special to me. I had waited so long to bring her here, because the moment had to be right.
“She’s just not ready like you are”

“ Oh,.. I guess this is the point where I realize we are on different levels” I said, again more to myself. My point of the statement was made, her eyes softened and she put one hand over mine.
“I’m sorry… When you said dessert… well I was imagining dessert! Not a garden!”
          The forces in my mind were at it again. Trying to reply and comment within my head. I could almost picture two miniatures on either side of my head directing me towards right and wrong.
‘Dessert was my idea, who said anything about where?’ the tongue of my dark side was getting too long. Fortunately her touch made him vanish.
“In fact we could’ve gotten a sundae here and had it.” She found a fallen, defeated log ruled by moss and unexpectedly sat on it.
“The moon… is it true that many writers keep her as their muse?” She beckoned me over plainly with a question. My urges were crossing the safety wall. Every little thing she did, and every detail fueled me, to pursue her further.  In her eyes, I was an abstract thinker and a writer. ‘Just a little more time’ I thought, looking at the waning moon.
“You could say that, for me the moon means just so much more…she's my teacher” I swallowed hard, trying to keep the war in my head as low as it could be.
“Tell me about how you found me” she quickly diverted. I was within arms length as she tugged at my grey sweater to sit down.  ‘How in the world can I resist her?
“I didn’t happen to find you… I’ve been trudging in the shadows for long, watching you… wanting you.” The truth was slipping fast, but the time wasn’t right yet for all of it. I was worrying now. ‘She’s going to hate me for who I am’. I sighed heavily.

“Like a prey?”
The miniature devil answered in my head for her- ‘Bingo’
When I didn’t reply, she scooted away from me. She measured me with her capturing eyes. She surprisingly didn’t bolt out of the scene.
“What are you? Some crazy stalker?” she spat the last three words. I knew she was smart…just not smart enough to avoid me.
“I wish it was that simple…” I found myself saying as I glanced at the moon. Midnight was when I planned the magical moment.
“Then tell me, whatever it is” her face sloped down again, and her touch felt lighter over my thigh.

I debated if I should. It’d just spoil the element of surprise. So I kept her waiting for my words. She then leaned in, hoping to share a moment. But the exact moment the moon turned full, I knew there was no turning back. I decided to come clean.
“This is the real me. And you my love, are my dessert.”

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