Monday, 14 July 2014

The Night- 01

I watched out the see through glass walls as I waited for her to come. Finally, after so many days, the night had come where she agreed to dine with me. There was probably an ounce of doubt that she wouldn't appear, but then, the next few minutes not only cleared it but pulled me into another thought process.

Gosh, red really suits her” I found myself saying as she crossed the road to the cafĂ© where I waited. She was dainty, yet strong; childlike but alluring, pushing and pulling all at the same time. Over the days that I had made my existence known, she became more than someone I've been watching. I needed, like…literally needed her.

The door pushed open and the bell snapped me out of my thoughts, marking her entry. I wished I could just turn invisible for a minute to see if she’d find me. To convince myself that something greater was a part of this, like destiny.
“No, this is all you, you wanted her and the universe has been grateful”
She arched her long neck towards my direction and trotted down the aisle like a graceful deer. I knew my eyes had lit up, and she had made note by smiling immediately.

‘Sorry I’m late! You know… work” she slumped into the booth and shoved all her belongings into the corner. ‘Were you waiting long?’
‘For you…?’ I started and she responded with raised eyebrows prompting me.
‘Or for tonight?’ I finished waiting for her answer. She was smart like that. The question hung mid-air for a while before she chuckled breaking the silence that often cloaked me.
             ‘Don’t they both mean the same?’ she said dividing her gaze between me and the approaching waitress.
‘They’re very different’ I shrugged saying it more to myself than to her. She seemed oblivious to what I had said. As I pretended to asses my menu card, she dished out her favorites, eyes gleaming, voice laying stress on words. “Gosh, she’s perfect
Only when she flapped the card in front of me like a tantrum throwing kid did I realize the waitress was still waiting for my order. I pointed to a dish and went back to watching her.
‘Are you dieting? Even I don’t diet!’ she said laughing at her own talk.
“Well, I don’t have much of an appetite for Italian” I hoped I was convincing enough.
“Plus, I’m making room for dessert” I threw in. There… that ought to do it.

“Are we going somewhere else for dessert?” the tone of her voice changed, going high pitched like a delighted child.
“I might have something in mind?” I said in a rush.  What I had in mind made my pulse quicken… I calmed it down  :‘Everything in its own time’

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