Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Last Goodbye

A few years back in the autumn sunshine,
I thought I said my last goodbye to you,
As the memories faded of everything I knew,
I hoped one day it'll all be fine.

But next winter was just too cold,
And when the tears became too much to hold,
I broke that goodbye and bounded back,
Hoping to heal a heart full of cracks.

As Spring came around,
New love was found,
And there again I said my "last" goodbye
Swearing it'd be the last; I crossed my heart and hoped to die.

But like the seasons changed,
Flames and fires of emotions raged,
Soothed by winter's cold,
And lit by summer's heat three-fold

It wasn't untill one monsoon did I realize,
That even rain couldn't hide my tears,
But I dreaded bounding back,
For your heart had their own cracks.

But then again, here I am again,
Walking with you down an autumn lane,
Because we've said our last goodbyes,
Never to say them again; we cross our hearts and hope to die...


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