Friday, 21 September 2012

The Grass on the Other Side is Grayer

We often say- "The grass on the other side is greener"
But like most things in this universe, there is an opposing statement as well to make sure that there is equilibrium attained. As much as we judge to see everyone's life better than our own, we also like to have preconceived notions that what others do is utterly wrong. Gossip away to glory on what decision they take and how its so sinful that karma has it out for them in their next lives and all such superstitions. Well, its time to bring that opposing statement into play.
"The grass on the other side is grayer"

I'm not contradicting the first phrase, but merely highlighting that what seems a sin doesn't necessarily have to be in reality. There are things that one says they'll never do in their lives; against their morale. But, put yourself in some "gray" shoes and you'll end up doing the same. At that point of time, it doesn't seem sinful at all. Why? Because, not only was what you thought just an assumption, but also, you never want to deny that you are wrong. So you end up saying- ''I had to, it was my only option out". You turn into the one thing you dreaded of becoming all because you've turned prisoner to the times. You accept it beautifully supporting it with a number of reasons and go on with your life. And then it hits you when someone says your field of grass is grey.

I'd reflect a bit before doing anything about those trying times.
If your morals are truly high strung then you'd find an alternative way out, but if the situation has the upper hand, you will bend it to it. There's nothing wrong it doing so for we all aren't a "yes" man. That's why its wrong to judge anyone's life. One can never let out all their secrets and let the world see them as they really are, so why judge something that's incomplete?  Let it be green or grey, the future is unpredictable and so are we at circumstances. Don't look at someone and treat them low because they don't meet your morals; don't sigh that you haven't been blessed enough. Stay on the border of the fence separating the two field of grasses and all will be right on track.   


  1. wow... I love reading your posts... keep doing what you love... you will be an amazing author someday...I'm sure of that... :)