Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Parting Glance

Holding hands now while silence speaks for itself,
Never thought this day would arrive so soon, myself.
How the time has flown since we first met?
Thought everything else mattered but now I regret.

Feels...that time isn't enough in our small world,now,
Wish we live it again if God will endow
That same innocent mind and mischievous little attitude,
carefree and playful days when we called each other 'dude?'

Preoccupied with books and captain-ship we forgot,
to treasure each minute and allowed ourselves to be caught,
in the tangles of life, thinking ahead of the choices,
instead we strove for marks ignoring our inner voices.

I vividly remember our inattentive boring classes and,
notes we passed under desks, decorated each others hands,
Playfully fought, hid other's things, told small lies,
those moments in my heart now slowly dies.

Our screams, our laughs, small happiness and sweet cries,
comforting moments, short lived feuds...they'll have no price,
Silly reasons to celebrate, woeful causes to be angry but still,
regretful words spoken, forgotten, with these my memories fill.

Know that this is what I feel of our unforgettable years,
And I hope that no matter what we're still near,
But don't miss memories for they're happy ones without ends,
I especially wrote all this to say... I'm proud we're friends!'