Monday, 7 May 2012

Window Shopping?

When Sabrina entered the world full of lights, shiny floors, and elite atmosphere, she was swept away from the world that existed behind the huge mall doors.
‘One day, I’ll have enough money to buy them all’ she whispered without taking her eyes off the showrooms surrounding her.

            It’s simple to say that we’re just going window shopping…our minds go with the idea that we won’t buy anything but it doesn’t end with that. Somewhere in the back of our minds, the mall shopping experience impacts a great deal on our lifestyle. We get caught with the lifestyle portrayed by the plastic mannequins that we become one among them. Looking at the price tags, our heart gets a shock, no matter what class we belong to. And check it out, a price tag says 3999… you’re inclined to buy it because your mind automatically registers the 3000… but not the 999 that follows. Then gradually after witnessing far too many price tags, the highest rate outside the mall, also seems pretty reasonable rate to you.
            I sometimes wonder what the branded shops get out of it, but as I grew I realized that even selling one piece would fetch them a huge profit. For after all, shopping in malls that too from branded showrooms has become a prestige icon. It gives a great feeling to walk out of a mall with too many bags to hold and the frenzy of shopping never dies. And it is especially true with girls. Looking behind the glass windows to the products flooded with golden light, I think everyone has a moment where they instinctively want it. But it’s all up to your will power to resist the urges. Otherwise you end up with piles clothes, shoes and much more of just one time wear.
            The malls target our basic human trait…greed. It displays what could be ours because we are free to walk around, touch, and wear it. With clothes there’s the trial room, with cosmetics there’s a tester. And we do test it; fall into the trap. You want it forever. You swear that it’s the only thing you’ll buy for this month. But come shopping in a week to the same mall and you’ll want a bit more. Malls make our greed grow. So do stop at a mannequin, desire it, picture yourself in it, and leave the window with that. That’s how real window shopping is done. Now…what do you do at a mall?

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