Wednesday, 11 April 2012

She'd Shed (Ebony & Ivory)

Glancing in each other's direction with doubt,
Across the crowd but they always stood out.
They were two worlds, impossible to find,
Two people who love wasn't supposed to bind.

She said "His beating heart was my lullaby,
As I walked the streets, his pace I tried to match.
Every night, I wanted to end in his voice,
But he never held my hand as tight as I did."

But he "Palest rose, turned red only under my touch, smile,
Sat speechless listening, craving for her voice,
Love to let her thin cold hands hold mine,
Hoping that I'd hold then forever, lost in thought."

She "My valiant hero, anyone against him a stranger to me,
Imagined happy endings over and over,
Each special song with him to spend,
As the notes struck my heart, so did his faint voice."

And he "Can't hold a sword, but will draw blood,
If anything, even the past comes to harm our future,
She forced on me her desperate wishes,
Why listen to a song when we created our own melody?"

 She said "He walked out like a midnight shadow,
Our of my, now starless sky and into unknown,
Where I lost him amongst that crowd there,
Only because I held him tight, little too much."

He "Well I let her go, for she didn't deserve this wait,
the cruelty of this coward who couldn't place,
the path to pave to make her mine forever,
and there she stands, smiling because of me."

She said "I smile to keep my promise,
'Whenever you shine, I'll shine for you'
And I smile because I let him survive alone.
Maybe 'we' were a fantasy that I believed in utterly."

He said "And I smile to see those eyes light up again,
Never thought she would exist without me by her side,
But somehow, deep inside regretting that I wouldn't be
the one who catches the tears she'd shed for me."

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