Monday, 9 April 2012

To be Young Again

I wonder what this is, that greatly perplexes me,
All the stars embark on a whizzing journey, I can't see,
Everything looks new, has a tinge of flavor to the world,
A brilliant crimson carpet to a new place is out, rolled.

The outside world is amazing, arcane and bewildering,
It urges me to explore it, abandoning other worries shouldering
Full of surprise and mysteries unraveled, all to me imploring,
Yet it does not look so friendly, sometimes even deploring.

All I've ever wanted was to be free and I thought,
Growing up was the way, at that age, wisdom couldn't be bought.
Waited impatiently to grow tall, double over the age,
Fluttered my wings about in ecstasy, all being in a cage.

It was not long before I realized what I had left,
The new faces bored into me, I was so deft,
Soon the wishes to be "free" vanished far out of sight
The steps I ascended seemed to increase in height.

The more I tried to run down, more rapid was the growth,
I couldn't be younger anymore, all I did was loathe,
For the life that I lived, it wasn't in a cage,
But was in serene heaven free from rage.

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