Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Night-03

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My eyes widened turning my pupils pitch black. I knew my teeth were barred and growing, preparing to shred the feast before me. While I pulled out the red stain cloth from my pocket, the wolves howled in harmonious symphony. The sound tugged at my heart, striking the undeniable chords I had with my animal brothers. As I tied her wrists together, my morphing turned full to reveal claws instead of palms and fingers. I had outgrown my apparels and I knew what a frightening image I must be. ‘I’m a beast’

I shot a look at her. Rigid and perplexed, “Don’t give up now
She still remained herself despite the sudden turn of events. Her eyes held me in a world of their own and her face was a stretched sheet of expressionless skin. My eyes darted from her neck, to her heaving chest, to her slender waist and back up to her eyes. She was flawless, a perfect meal dished out, and ready for the taking. But I had to focus…
 All I had to do was sink my teeth in the smooth flesh and satisfy myself.

“Please don’t do this” Her words, were like wind chimes in the wind as I paused in the act of biting through her ankles. I glanced up right in time to watch a tear squeeze down her left cheek.
“If you’re the beast, let me be your beauty”
This was not the way I had pictured it. Usually I brought the girls up here because they’d throw such a fit. Scream, yell, wriggle like a choking fish  which only pumped my adrenaline more. But this one, from the moment I laid eyes on her was different…
“What are you suggesting?” I asked, well knowing that I was astray from my fortnight ritual.
“You are probably a pro at this, you kill girls I assume… let me live, and I’ll stay by your side forever. Kill me and you’ll be alone all your life, and you’ll lose out on the love I have yet to give. I love you” She paused, then added  “For what you are”

The ominous silence was broken by the hoot of a pygmy owl right overhead.  Something drastically changed in the atmosphere around me… almost like my curse was lifted. I felt my second teeth slide back in and my hands returning. My heart skipped into beat and my pupils faded to their standard grey. Could I have a shot at the famous love these mortals speak of? I leaned over her from above and cut through the cloth. Kneeling in front of her I gazed into her eyes.
“I don’t know if you trust me, but I really didn’t want to kill you.” Saying so I clasped her hand, rubbing the underside of her wrists.
‘What in the world?’ Something was not right. I pushed my thumb harder into her wrist, finding her pulse.

It was just not there. She had no heartbeat.

In a fraction of a second I was under her mercy. Her hands grasped at my arms, tying me down with one swift action. The perfect face I knew lost its glow, growing paler by the moment till her blue veins stood out. Her fingers turned long and spidery but I felt her strength overpowering me. I should’ve known this all long. This was utter stupid of me. She chuckled again, but it wasn’t like a child.
“Immortal enemies meet once again!” She spoke, but her voice wasn’t like wind chimes.  I thought I was hunting her down, but she was smart enough to beat me to it.
“But…” I stammered “You ate food, you let down a tear” These were the things that never made me think what she really was. A Vampire.
She gave me no time to think or say my last words. My head was forced upwards, she leaned in, reminding how she had meant to attack before. My thoughts were fading as her fingernail broke open my skin and let the warm blood ooze. She kissed the searing cut making her poison spread in an instant. I looked at her for once last time, my blood smeared over her pale face.
“Yes, red does suit me. That’s why I bathe in it” she finished before my world crumbled to the void and she proceeded to relish her victory of the new night.

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