Wednesday, 9 July 2014


The universe moved to an unwritten pace,
Angels watched with loving grace,
Saturn’s rings ran smooth in a starry haze …
Looking above, everything seemed to be in its destined place.

On earth however, horizons were blurred.
The turmoil of the ocean, occasionally stirred
The speech of truth, always slurred
And the fabric of reality was wrongly erred. 

Look into my soul, and all hell’s broken loose there,
Where, half a piece struggles to find its pair.
Lost among the temple of memories,
Lost to a black hole, but kept alive by worries.

This has always been the way,
Suns and moons had to obey
To what direction the earth wanted to spin,
And which of the wars, the soul could win.

This was always the way up until,
One eclipse, everything came to a standstill.
You stormed in, ablaze upon a comet,
And forced the earth to reset.

I watched you pick me out from the worthless rubble
Like I meant something to someone worth the double.
You painted my colorless skies a warm red,
Following a mere mortal wherever her path led.

Now Earth and Saturn orbit the Sun,
And you look at me like I’m the biggest battle you've won.
You give me your galaxy of hope to keep
As you watch me drift off into twilight sleep

Every night, in that state of your utter grace,
The moon tides the ocean to calm,
The sun shields the world from chaotic harm,
And I find all of me under your stellar embrace.

Come morning, things are amiss,
Gone, is the taste of your infinite bliss
Lost again is the missing piece of peace
Then come questions and demands of the heart I can’t seem to appease.

Since you've walked out into the dawn without a trace,
The world falls back out of rhythm and into its rigid pace,
Upon Celestium and your return I fix my gaze,
To come every nightfall and take your place.

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