Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Lighthouse Keeper's Boy-3

Caspian blinked hard, hoping that he’d wake up soon. It was years since his mother died, but according to the assembled mermaids here in the big temple, she died just yesterday. Her last words were to bring her son here, to take her throne and rule over her mermaids.
“I’m the rightful heir?” he just couldn’t digest that piece of information no matter how hard he tried. He loved him mom, no doubt, but he was completely unfit for this. Vieira’s words seemed to soothe his aching heart which was torn in two directions in decision-making.
“Caspian, we know that you are too young to rule as of now. The council here understands that you are too immature to make decisions for a whole city as well. We have come up with a solution.  But first we need you to trust us.” Caspian looked all around. The eyes didn’t bore into him like he always thought a crowd would. Instead they looked upon him kindly.
“I am your mother’s sister. I will be your Guardian within the realms of this city. And until you attain adult hood, I will train you whenever possible and be the temporary ruler. When the time comes, the decision will be yours if you accept the other side of your existence or choose to live with the one you are restricted to. Do you agree on this young Caspian?” Vieira put up the question quite outright. The little boy thought over it… Yes. All he needed was a little time to sort it out, a little time to test his own true blood if he was cut out for this. But why did they have to bring him here, and right now?
“Yes I agree to it, but I don’t understand why I am here? Vieira said something about time ticking and you needing my help?”
            At those words the council shrunk back into their blue coral seats. Then their eyes rested on Vieira for the explanation. She shifted in her seat, and set her fins over a pedestal before beginning.
“You see, your mother was a boon to this race. We were all fragmented into clans that held grudges and had feuds with each other. After she ascended the throne, this throne…” she trailed off touching the empty seat beside her. Caspian interpreted that his mother was someone unique, someone special to them all.
“…She united us all and ruled over us with integrity and true love. That was what transformed us all. And when she married your Father, she cast spells on herself and got rid of the fins she loved the most. It was a great sacrifice that we were reluctant to accept. But since she promised that she’ll visit us often and whenever trouble arises, we agreed upon her decision. Then things got worse and she had to fake her death to return to her rightful pace. She was still the Queen and we had no other ruler and till she was alive we stood united. But now…”
“Now she’s gone…I never remembered her presence and before she actually died, I registered her death. What’s more to come?” he asked patiently.
“Caspian, we are in grave hostility. The clans aren’t unanimously agreeing upon any assessor other than you. She has told a great deal about you…” This is absurd thought Caspian as he knew the upcoming words.
“And we have no doubt that you’ll live up to her expectations. We just need you to visit often like your mother and no the needful as a ruler till you turn eighteen. After that, the choice is yours and the clans have agreed to stand by your decision even if it goes against them.”
            The council looked at him eagerly, waiting for his reply. Caspian closed his eyes. But this time it wasn’t in hope that it was a dream that he’d wake up from. He didn’t have the vaguest idea what his mother thought of him, nor was he attached enough to do the things she left for him. Up above he knew the normal life he lived and will forever live…his father must be waiting. Down below was a land of adventure, the world of his mother’s. What must he do? If his answer was the fate of a race, it needed to be well sought. He closed his eyes tighter for the answer….

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