Friday, 2 March 2012

The Final Shift in Emotions

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Days passed and Emily tried to catch a glimpse of Parker through his ever-closed window. But all that she saw were the autumn leaves falling like raining fire. It depicted what she felt. She had done what she did by impulse but now she wasn’t feeling good about it.  The more she stared into the mirror the more she felt like she had no idea what she had become after the day she announced Parker was dumb. Things changed after that drastically in school. Christi and Jane made her some sort of idol and she was happy that at east she stayed far from them.  People sought her out instead of her going to them. It sometimes felt good but mostly it felt unreal. The day came when Parker’s curtains were drawn and she spied on him again, this time with good intent to repair any damage she might’ve done. The same boy from the drive was there and Parker had a cast on his head….it didn’t suit him at all. She keenly watched the sign language they used and then out of the blue something struck her…maybe redemption
                She must’ve destroyed all the reputation the Hudson’s had built for their son with her one judgement. Call it sympathy, but she wanted to converse with him and sort it out before he went back to school…like a fair warning.  She watched them regularly and she practiced conversations in front of her mirror and needless to say just the apology conversation. The next weekend she tried communicating with him across the gap that separated their houses and he seemed to understand perfectly. At first he was shocked, but Emily put in all symbols that she could and sometimes even used small writing boards. The fact that he appreciated it, made her learn more of it. Finally, Parker’s cast was off and he was to attend school the very next day. She spoke to him at night and they agreed that they’d meet up before school and walk together.
                Emily had no idea how she spent that night for she was tossing and turning in doubt whether he’d forgive her for breaking his well-kept secret. Somehow the day dawned and she hurriedly got ready for school. Standing in front of the mirror once more, she practiced her apology. Then she pushed her curtains half way and saw Parker head out his room. She too followed instantly.
                When they met, it felt too awkward. She was so used to saying ‘Hi’ or something of that sort but now she was speechless. Emily didn’t understand why he was feeling awkward when she’s the one adapting to his conversational methods. Dry silence prolonged between them and then their phones rang. And what more should happen?  What more emotion would shift? What more can I say when they both picked it up and said “Hello”??

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