Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Outcomes of Irony

Its been a few years,
Since I got rid of my fears
Yet they feel like eternity
The days since you took pity.
The curtains were always drawn,
Eyes would stare untill dawn
Precious time turned to sacrifice,
My life, my entity turned into lies.
How did I see only the moon,
Who took my place those years?
A girl who gave love away too soon,
An insensitive soul to tears of her peers.
Looking back at it from here
I can rememeber only vague images
A blurry past, echoing sounds I hear
Was that how love was to feel?... Unless..
She was too caught up in fairytales
Clung to him and not her when eveything else failed,
Kept her smiles hidden in his,
Loved him true, her mistake was this.
And what greater fool than I
Would bound back to him after everything
Still love him and repent his mistakes for him
And still never really understand... why?

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