Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lion & the Lamb

Nails screech over the paid mirror in rage,
It hopes for someone behind its image from its cage,
Buried inside with pain and guilt,
Afraid of the second approaching, from heart to soul it melts.

Throat's gone soar, mood's gone sour,
Too much to bear, the regret from someone I care,
Glassy eyes and spinning heads are always a pair,
It takes eternity to understand why and why life isn't always fair.

Unsure of the tomorrow I cast my days in love,
While there he dies in my thoughts, and my turn is now,
To realize, the prices being paid, lives lain,
The love that swept over me, now vanished like rain.

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb"she said
"I was a lion to fall in love with the lamb" said he
Days passed, I healed and my wounds sealed,
Life was cloud nine in every aspect til I lost his respect..

Where has the loyalty gone, why don't I look forward to his dawn,
When I was his, it felt right, and it came crashing down with the fight.
And his love has reached the extreme height, having me is his forever plight,
I to numbly stand with dying tears, aching heart, and now blinded by his light.

Worrying if she'll ever come back to me he thought,
Well u was his little lamb, he was always there, to love he taught,
It was from him that my flowers bloomed, to him I owe what I am
I'm perfect for another because of him, and the lion's love for the lamb.

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