Monday, 12 March 2012

We All Sleep Under the Same Stars

Years have flown,
None of us are no longer alone,
Might've even forgotten those years,
When we'd sit in class and whisper into each other's ears.

Miles apart and half away across the world,
A cardboard box full of cards, letters and photographs,
Visit me frequently, as I grow old,
To refresh the memory of your face and our laughs.

I don't really know if it'll matter
To say that I have a piece of paper
In your little handwriting, that still makes me feel better,
And smile that we've been together.

Your face has changed, limbs are longer,
Your room must have more stuff than I last saw,
Fights would've made you tough and  stronger,
Yet I still look at you like always, with awe.

Awe for something that you said sometime
Changed a bit of me, led me to where I am now,
Awe that God gave me you in my lifetime,
To fill my childhood with memories that were so "wow!"

And here's hoping that you're still there,
Taking time to read this and remembering,
What great friends we are and how much I care,
No mattter what just keep thinking....

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