Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Proof of 3 M's - Page 1

                Ever since I laid foot in the place that was formerly not called my home, I knew things were fast changing. The pent-house was a bargain, and my dad thought it was a good investment. It was situated overlooking a bay and the ocean far behind. I’m not much of a swimmer so I had shrugged when he came up with the idea to shift there.  After thinking hard on the matter of the omnipresence that shrouded the house, I came to one conclusion. Something was there, more than life itself. I felt in the air that I took in, in the wind that came billowing my plaid curtains, in the way the moon always hung over an island far north.  But I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t eerie, nor did it bring a chill and make my hair rise. But it did create the atmosphere as if someone was looking over me. And the lonely soul that I was, didn’t mind the company of the imaginary guardian. I have to agree to the fact that strange things occurred and scared all the members of my family, including Bruno, my golden retriever. My kin thought that everything in the house was dammed, and were considering shifting elsewhere. I however remained neutral. Yeah, let the world pass on by, I’m here to exist and that’s the only thing I planned on doing.
                I don’t know what I was thinking one day when my bay friends at my new school, mentioned of the island that I had a clear view of from my bedroom window. They said that magical, mysterious, mythical things happened there every night and the consequences brought a silent plague of curiosity over the people nearby. The three M’s that I had no utter belief in. I not only pushed the matter, but rather tossed it into an abyss in my mind. But then again, like I said I don’t know what I was thinking as I crept out of my room, and out the back door to view the island. My intention was to study the “happenings” to prove something, anything against the 3 M’s. Something soft brushed against my sneakers and I looked down calmly to see the sparkling eyes of Bruno. Yes he’d never miss an adventure, but wait; I wasn’t planning on going there was I? He nudged my toe again and I went along with his idea. There was nothing out there and obviously nothing to scare me, simply because I had no feelings to the world around me. Sooner than ever, Bruno and I were in our row boat rowing across the moon’s reflection making way to the crags of the island.
                It didn’t take much of my sleep hours as I reached the cove and tied our boat. Bruno leapt off in a hurry and starter sniffing all around while I turned back and glanced at my house. Insignificant speck of light amongst the city ardor, but nothing in comparison with the liquid moonlight shining over me. It had a tinge of turquoise as it gloated happily around the foamy clouds. Celestial looking, breath-taking, spell bound me was caught up in its beauty when Bruno’s barks brought me back to life on earth. He’s been with me for years and I decipher his barks, so believe me when I couldn’t understand what he was feeling on the other side of the bushes which he disappeared into. As I took a few steps towards him, he yelped and just like that quite abruptly, he stopped. My heart paced irregularly as did my steps until I pushed beyond the curtain of bushes and there it stopped…quite abruptly.

                                     Ending shall be unveiled through tomorrow’s post!
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