Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Forever Frozen - Midnight Sun

Watching the perfect world change seasons around me,
Happiness from it, from the lonely stars is small I can see
Dying from myself, torn in wars of heart and mind to be,
True, faithful and strong, and finally to live free.

Suddenly it’s hard to breathe, Hard to barely hold on,
Without letting go, closest things to me without a trace are gone
Insecure by the moment while I’m surrounded by love,
I wonder if anyone’s watching me, for me, from above.

Blindfolded from my past and future, I’m forever here frozen
In this helpless state, there’s no recalling, no how or when
Trying to portray my entity in vain, once again I fail
Empty spaces of haunting moments refuse to fade or to pale.

Wouldn’t it be easier to give in than more guilt to gain?
Can’t I just leave it al behind to watch me go insane?
Than to pull the strings of my life, plucking each with pain
Or to watch lives shatter in my bliss like butterflies in rain.

Carry on that painted mask deceiving the inner flame of truth,
Ripples across my perfect small world cannot run smooth
Till that dawning moon calms my pleading strife,
I turn invisible, to stone to tell you, my Midnight Sun about my life.

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